Helen Feng

May 15, 2023

Best Go Karts from NYC (And How To Go There)

New York City, known for its iconic landmarks and vibrant cultural scene, is also home to a variety of entertainment options for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers. One such activity that has gained popularity among both locals and visitors is go kart racing.

With several indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks near the city, there is no shortage of high-speed excitement for those who are seeking an action-packed adventure. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best NYC karting places (and how to get there easily!).

Indoor Go Kart Racing NYC

1. Grand Prix New York Racing (GPNY)

Location: 333 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco, NY

Located north of NYC, Grand Prix New York Racing is worth the short trip for go-kart enthusiasts. It’s one of the most convenient places to go karts near NYC (Want to go there without driving? See the last section in this article!)

GPNY features a massive 120,000 square-foot indoor facility with two distinct tracks – one for experienced racers and the other for novice drivers. The facility’s European-style electric karts provide a smooth, high-speed racing experience, while the advanced timing system allows you to track your progress and compete against your friends.

Beyond karting, GPNY offers a variety of other entertainment options, such as bowling, axe-throwing, an arcade, and a restaurant, making it an ideal location for parties and group outings.

2. RPM Raceway

RPM Raceway is one of the premier indoor go karting destinations near New York City. With its state-of-the-art electric karts, professionally designed track, and advanced timing system, RPM Raceway offers an authentic racing experience for drivers of all skill levels. In addition to high-speed karting, RPM Raceway also features a full arcade, virtual reality attractions, and an on-site sports bar and grill, making it a perfect destination for a fun-filled day with friends or family.

3. Brooklyn Karting & Entertainment (BKE)

Situated in East New York, Brooklyn Karting & Entertainment has an indoor go kart racing facility that boasts a challenging and exciting race track for drivers of all ages. BKE’s Sodi electric go-karts provide an eco-friendly and powerful ride, reaching speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The facility also offers a range of other entertainment options, such as an arcade, virtual reality gaming, and a lounge area.

4. Autobahn indoor speedway

Autobahn Indoor Speedway is an indoor go-kart racing facility that offers high-speed thrills for adrenaline enthusiasts of all ages. With multiple locations across the United States, Autobahn Indoor Speedway has become a popular destination for those seeking an authentic and competitive racing experience.

Outdoor Go Kart Racing NYC

Here are a few outdoor go-karting facilities near NYC that are worth checking out:

1. The Clubhouse - Gokart Track

Location: 174 Daniels Hole Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937

Situated in East Hampton, The Clubhouse offers an outdoor go-kart track that is perfect for a day of fun and excitement. The track is designed with a series of twists, turns, and straightaways, providing an exciting racing experience for drivers of all ages.

2. NJMP - Tempest Raceway

Location: 8000 Dividing Creek Rd, Millville, NJ 08332

About a 2.5-hour drive from NYC, the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) features the Tempest Raceway, a challenging outdoor go-kart track that offers an authentic racing experience. With its high-performance rental karts and professionally-designed track, Tempest Raceway is perfect for go-kart enthusiasts looking for a more competitive racing environment.

3. Oakland Valley Race Park

Location: 305 Oakland Valley Rd, Cuddebackville, NY 12729

Located approximately 90 minutes from NYC, Oakland Valley Race Park is an outdoor go-kart racing facility that caters to both casual racers and professional drivers. The park has a 0.8-mile track with a variety of challenging turns and elevation changes, making it an exciting option for those seeking an adrenaline-filled day.

4. Staten Island Go Karts

For those who prefer the thrill of outdoor karting, Staten Island Go Karts offers a thrilling open-air racing experience. With a variety of kart options to suit different skill levels, from single-seat karts for adults to double-seat karts for younger drivers, Staten Island Go Karts caters to racing enthusiasts of all ages. The indoor track features tight turns and fast straightaways, guaranteeing an exciting and competitive experience for all participants.

5. OVRP - Dirt Oval

Location: 305 Oakland Valley Rd, Cuddebackville, NY 12729

Also situated at Oakland Valley Race Park, OVRP Dirt Oval offers a unique off-road go-kart racing experience. The dirt track adds an extra element of excitement and challenges drivers to navigate the turns and straightaways while maintaining control on the loose surface.

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