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At Sourced Adventures™, our mission is making the outdoors accessible and affordable for everyone. By providing round-trip transportation and offering a plethora of trips for every season, all at a low cost, our tours allow any adventurer the opportunity to escape the city for the day, weekend, or week. Founded in New York City by a group of adventure travel industry experts and enthusiasts who wanted a better NYC ski bus, we’ve expanded to multiple cities in the US and even into the international sphere. Check out our adventure page to see if we’ve made it to your town, and if so reach out to us! We specialize in tours that create good vibes, cater to all kinds of adventure seekers and cause envy amongst co-workers on Monday morning.

We also pride ourselves on building an environmentally responsible travel business. Sourced Adventures™ is a 1% For The Planet member company which means that we give 1% of our total sales to nonprofits that support and preserve the environment. Our goal is to protect the very places that we travel to every weekend. With your help we will help protect the rivers we raft in, the mountains we ski on and everything else we get to enjoy. It’s simple, it’s 1% of every single ticket we sell. The more we grow, the more we give back.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible experiences for our customers in all of our tours by working with the most trusted vendors in the industry and by holding ourselves to the highest standards of safety. Building outstanding adventures is hard work (just ask our Program Managers!), but we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our trips to adjust to the needs and wants of our customers. If something on your trip wasn’t absolutely perfect, let us know! Customer feedback is a huge reason we’ve been able to accomplish so much, and we value the opinions of you, our wonderful guests, very highly. Our customer support team has some of the best listeners in the industry, and they want to know what YOU think. Feel free to get in touch with any concerns, queries, or opinions on American literature in the 20th Century.

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Sourced Adventures is building a team of adventure-lovers to curate and guide our original travel experiences and we’re looking for great people to join us. Check out our Jobs for more information, and come adventure with us.


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