Eli Landau

June 10, 2016

Best Summer Pastimes - Whitewater Rafting outside NYC

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, the birds are chirping louder and even the flowers are getting bloomier…that last one might not be a word but you get the gist. Summer is here and New York adventures are in full swing!

Even though we had a relatively mild winter, summer can never come soon enough. Summer is the popular kid in high school, the class president, the best athlete, the valedictorian, and both the prom king and queen. It’s a fan favorite for obvious reasons, and every year when it rolls around people get to talking about the best summer activities to plan.

There are classic pastimes like going to a baseball game, getting ice cream, or taking your sweetheart on a romantic summer date. But there are also pastimes that you may overlook in your haste to get in all of the summer staples. One of my personal faves is a trip offered by Sourced Adventures. And that my friends is a whitewater rafting trip from NYC.

Here are a few reasons why Whitewater Rafting is the ultimate Summer Pastime:

Fill Your Raft with Whoever

One of the best things about rafting is that you can hit the river however you like. Roll with a crew of friends, take you parents, grab a date, escort your sweetie, or bring your entire office. All are great ways to get out onto the river.

Cool Off

Urban Heat Island is a real thing. And it is brutal. The sweltering heat rising off the asphalt of NYC can be unbearable at times during the summer, leading many New Yorkers to look for shade or surf. Whitewater Rafting is the perfect solution. You can escape the city and get on the river, with fresh air and the cool water of the Lehigh. This may sound cliche but there really is no better way to cool off during the summer.

Adrenaline Mixed with Calm

It’s easy to take a back seat during the summer months and just relax. Sit in a lawn chair outside, take a nap on the beach, or hang out in the park. All are great summer pastimes no doubt, but there’s something to be said for balancing that calm with adrenaline and getting those endorphins pumping! Rafting does this. Hit some rapids with energy and then relax on your raft before you hit the next stretch of whitewater. One of the best things about the Lehigh is this great blend of rapids and still water.

One of the other great things about NYC whitewater rafting is the Ease of Access. It may not seem like a day trip you could take from NYC but it is! Sourced Adventures makes it super easy and affordable to hit the river, all in a single day from NYC. So grab some brave souls to hit the river with and start a new summer tradition!

PS: are you in the mood for less whitewater this summer? Check out our River Tubing Day Trip from NYC for a more leisure float!


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