Kyle Davidson

November 14, 2016

Where to buy travel insurance

Travel Insurance. The two little words that come to mind when your wallet gets stolen, when you need antibiotics for that relentless flu or when your luggage doesn’t slide gracefully onto the conveyor belt in Rome because it’s stuck at JFK.

It’s true — that more often than not, you won’t need travel insurance because your trip went down smoother than your Nanna’s butternut soup. In these cases, the words “Travel Insurance” will probably come to mind but rather than being accompanied by notions such as “Thank God!” you might think “What a waste of money.”

It’s not.

The one time you don’t venture out with travel insurance the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull Volcano will erupt and you’ll be stranded Milan for 6 days. True story. Lucky for me — I had travel insurance and my extended vacay was covered.

Here at Sourced Adventures, we can’t stress the importance of travel insurance enough! Keep yourself protected from a costly cancellation, medical expenses, losing your baggage, or even volcanoes.


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