Eli Landau

July 1, 2016

Virginia Wine Country Travel Guide

Washington DC. Our nation’s capitol. Known for its monuments, history, and politics. And with any luck adventure!

Last winter Team SA took its talents to DC and struck gold. Figuratively of course. Those in DC and the surrounding metropolitan area were yearning for adventure and had no easy way to access it. We were able to step in and provide an affordable, efficient and awesome service to Whitetail Ski Resort. This was a resounding success, but why stop at the slopes? We put our Program Managers to the test and declared that they must build us a wine tour in the DC area. And build they did.

Enter the Virginia Wine Tour, possibly our most epic wine tour to date. But you don’t have to believe me from my vague praise alone. Allow me a moment to spin a yarn about the fine vineyards we visit in Virginia:

Rappahannock Cellars

The first stop on your adventure to Virginia is Rapphannock Cellars. Gaining intensive experience in the wine regions of California, the Delmar family decided that it was time for a change. Enter the Piedmont Region of Virginia, located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and enter Rapphannock Cellars.

Specializing in “Old World” wines (in a region with a similar climate to Bordeaux), RC has claimed numerous awards for a wide variety of flights. They strive not just to make good wines but to make fantastic wines, starting in the vineyard. Join the tour and take in some great vintages at stop #1.

Blue Valley Vineyard & Winery

Stop number two on our tour is Blue Valley Vineyard & Winery. Blue Valley is owned and operated by the Zissios family, who began making wine in one of the oldest regions in the world, Greece. Today, they’ve taken the same lessons learned in the old country to the new, bringing fantastic wine to the Shenandoah Valley.

The Zissios family believes that patience and attention-to-detail are the most important traits for making good wine and after tasting their vintages it’s hard to argue against that logic. BV is the perfect 2nd stop and our tour and also a great place for our guests to chow down on lunch.

Barrel Oak Winery

The last stop on our winery is certainly not the least. Barrel Oak Winery has a festive, community-oriented and dog-friendly environment nestled in the Middleburg region. Founded by the Roeder Family, Barrel Oak specializes in running events to create a congregation of wine lovers.

Barrel Oak’s fantastic winery added “the Tower Room” which has allowed ample space for our Sourced Adventures groups to frolic in wine heaven. Join us on the tour so you can check out their impressive facilities and say hi to the dogs.

Team SA only chooses the best and brightest wineries, and I hope that after reading this you agree. If not no worries, we have a great way to convince you. Hop on our bus and experience the trip for yourself! We have a glass waiting for you.

PS: Do you or your friends live in NYC? Check out our New York adventures (and Long Island Wine Tour from NYC) today!


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