Tristan Leyco

January 25, 2018


Congratulations to Sofia-Jeanne R. for being the first and soon to be many Sourced Adventures leaders featured!

What’s your favorite trip and why?
Our Kayak and Wine Day Trip, hands down. You get to choose your own pace on the river, so you can get a workout if that’s what you’re feeling, or lazily float downstream. It’s incredibly relaxing to lie back and watch the river scenery pass by, and there tons of cool animals, including a few goats who make repeat appearances. The wineries are always gorgeous, and it’s a great treat to have a glass of wine after navigating the currents. They often have live music, which is an added bonus! Ahh, I’m getting excited for the summer just thinking about it.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Arms wide open.

If you had the power to instantly travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
There’s a small farm in the Galilee in northern Israel, called Goats with the Wind. It’s one of my absolute favorite places, and I would definitely zap myself there. There are so many great trails, and the stars are unbelievable. Not to mention the food…

What has been your greatest adventure?
I spent a week in Jordan, and boy was that an adventure. Snorkeling was amazing, but the hospitality of a few Bedouins in Petra, one of the natural wonders of the world, took the adventure cake. I was with two friends, and we ended up staying and making dinner in their cave and sleeping over. Talk about witnessing a different way of life! It’s very strange to wake up in a place like that before opening hours, because it’s so totally empty and even more astonishing in its immensity.

To add to it, we didn’t know there was a bus fare to cross the border when we left, so we spent the last of our Jordanian money on sweets. We passed all the security, and had lots of sweets but no money for the bus fare. The generosity of a few strangers saved us. At least we had some yummy treats to give them as thanks…

What is your spirit animal? And why?
A baby unicorn. Because I’m graceful and free, but always learning.

What is the meaning of life?..jkjk
I’ll answer anyway. There is none. We just have this magical, incredible, awe-inspiring, unique opportunity, for just this moment, to be alive.

How do you deal with stressful situations?
I’ve practiced meditation pretty seriously for the past few years, which gives me much more objectivity and clarity in stressful situations than I used to have. I don’t get stressed that easily–I just try to do what needs to be done. But deep breathing helps me a lot. And being upside down in a handstand if possible 🙂


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