Helen Feng

May 29, 2023

New York Family Adventure Guide #1: Apple Picking New York

When autumn arrives in New York, there’s nothing better than some crisp air and the sweet aroma of freshly picked apples. Apple picking is also a family-friendly activity that offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventure and educational opportunities.

New York State is renowned for its thriving apple orchards, offering a delightful experience for apple enthusiasts of all ages. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best apple picking farms in New York and everything you need to know to spend a nice day with your family and friends.

Apple Picking Season In NY

The exact timing of the apple picking New York season varies depending on the apple variety and the specific location within New York. Generally, it starts in late August or early September with early varieties such as Paula Reds and Ginger Golds. As the season progresses, more popular varieties like McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Empire, and Gala become available. Later in the season, you can find varieties like Granny Smith, Fuji, and Golden Delicious.

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Best Apple Picking Farms in New York

1. Pennings Orchards, Warwick

Location: 169 NY-94, Warwick, NY 10990

Pennings Orchards, located in Warwick, New York, is a beloved destination for apple lovers and a haven for those seeking an authentic farm experience. Situated in the picturesque Hudson Valley, this family-owned orchard has been welcoming visitors for generations, offering a delightful blend of apple picking, farm market shopping, and a range of family-friendly activities.

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2. Applewood Orchards, Warwick

Location: 82 4 Corners Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

Nestled in the scenic Hudson Valley, Applewood Orchards in Warwick, New York, is a paradise for apple lovers. With a wide variety of apples to choose from, including classic favorites and unique heirloom varieties, this family-owned orchard provides an unforgettable apple picking experience. Enjoy picturesque views, embrace the farm’s warm hospitality, and delight in the flavors of freshly picked apples.

3. Masker Orchards, Warwick

Location: 45 Ball Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

Also situated in Warwick, Masker Orchards is one of the largest apple picking destinations in the Hudson Valley. With over 200 acres of apple trees, visitors have the opportunity to wander through the sprawling orchard, savoring the abundance of apples in all their colorful glory. Whether you’re seeking a bushel of baking apples or crisp snacking varieties, Masker Orchards has it all.

4. Terhune Orchards

Location: 330 Cold Soil Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540

Terhune Orchards, nestled in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, is a beloved destination for apple picking, farm market shopping, and a wide range of family-friendly activities. This charming family-owned orchard has been delighting visitors for over four decades, offering a picturesque setting, an array of delicious fruits, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Terhune Orchards is also home to a winery, where visitors can indulge in wine tastings and experience the orchard’s own wines crafted from their vineyards. Sample a variety of wines, including whites, reds, and fruit wines, all while taking in the serene surroundings of the vineyard. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to savor the flavors and aromas of locally produced wines.

5. Outhouse Orchards, North Salem

Location: 139 Hardscrabble Rd, North Salem, NY 10560

For a charming apple picking adventure in North Salem, New York, Outhouse Orchards is the place to be. This family-run orchard offers a relaxed and picturesque setting for apple picking enthusiasts. Enjoy strolling through the orchard’s rows of apple trees, savoring the flavors of the season, and relishing the simplicity of the countryside.

6. Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards, LaFayette

Location: 2708 Lords Hill Rd, Marietta, NY 13110

Nestled in the charming countryside of LaFayette, New York, Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards stands as a beloved destination for apple enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking an authentic farm experience. With a rich history spanning over a century, this family-owned orchard has become synonymous with quality apples, scenic beauty, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to their apple cider, Beak & Skiff is home to a distillery offering a range of handcrafted spirits. Visitors can explore the tasting room and sample their artisanal vodka, gin, and other crafted spirits. The distillery adds a unique twist to the orchard experience, allowing guests to indulge in the flavors of locally made beverages.

Kids Activities NYC: Apple Picking

Apple picking is perfect among the best things to do in New York with kids. It offers quality time together in the nature. Here are some of the things you can consider doing with your kids!

1. Do Some Hands-On Learning About Nature

Apple orchards provide a wonderful setting for children to learn about nature, agriculture, and the harvest season. You can show your kids can how apples grow on trees, different apple varieties, and gain an understanding of the farm-to-table process. It’s a hands-on educational experience that engages their senses and sparks curiosity.

2. Just Enjoy Some Outdoor Fun time

Apple picking takes families out into the great outdoors, allowing children to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. They can run through the orchard rows, explore the farm surroundings, and breathe in the fresh air. It’s an opportunity for kids to be active, expend energy, and experience the joys of being in a natural environment.

3. Have Some Fun Games

Apple picking provides an excellent opportunity for families to bond and spend quality time together. Walking through the orchard, searching for the perfect apples, and filling baskets encourages conversation, laughter, and shared experiences. It’s a chance to create lasting memories and strengthen family connections.

4. Enjoy A Tasting and Sensory Experience

Apple picking allows children to engage their senses by smelling the fragrant apples, feeling their texture, and tasting the sweet fruit right from the tree. It’s a sensory experience that enhances their understanding of different flavors and textures, and can even inspire them to try new varieties of apples.

5. Harvest-Themed Activities

Many apple orchards offer additional activities and attractions that add to the family-friendly experience. These can include hayrides, corn mazes, petting zoos, cider tastings, and apple cider donuts. Such activities provide extra entertainment and make the outing even more enjoyable for the whole family.

6. Enjoy Some Fresh And Healthy Produce

Apple picking allows families to bring home a bounty of fresh, locally grown apples. This encourages healthy eating habits and provides an opportunity for children to understand the importance of consuming fresh produce. They can use the apples in recipes, enjoy them as snacks, or even participate in making homemade applesauce or pies.

7. Make It A Seasonal Tradition

Apple picking often becomes a cherished seasonal tradition for many families. It offers an annual opportunity to reconnect with nature, celebrate the changing seasons, and create lasting memories together. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed year after year, building a sense of anticipation and excitement for the apple picking season.


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