Eli Landau

June 22, 2016

Adventure Cafe

This past winter all of our trips got a nice upgrade. Most upgrades only pertain to a specific trip, but this one had grander implications, and affected all of our NYC departures. That upgrade was the permanent installment of The Adventure Cafe.

You may be asking yourself a few questions right now. What is the Adventure Cafe? Hasn’t the Adventure Cafe been around for a year? Or possibly, I love the Adventure Cafe. That last one is more of a statement than a question. Regardless of your familiarity with the Cafe, allow me to take a moment to spin you a yarn about its humble beginnings and rise to greatness.

The Adventure Cafe was founded in May of 2015 with two goals in mind. The first was to serve as a physical space for Team SA and our wonderful guests as they prepped for adventures. The second was to serve great coffee. I’m happy to say that a year later both of these goals have been met with style.

The cafe is managed and operated by our very own Sourced Adventure guide, Mai. Inspired during her travels to Thailand by the cute hotels and hostels that also ran tours out of their front doors, Mai decided to blend (no pun intended) this concept with coffee back in the US. Having created a successful smoothie chain as a teenager in Chicago, Mai had the perfect foundation for managing The Adventure Cafe. Through grit and hard work, the cafe has transformed entirely from a tiny stand to a full fledged coffee shop, offering food, coffee in all forms, and exhibiting art.

I sat down with Mai herself to ask what the biggest reward of founding and managing the cafe has been as it progresses past its 1st birthday:

“Honestly the biggest rewards are the compliments from customers. Hearing someone say they love the coffee, or that the art is beautiful or that the space is cozy has been so rewarding and means a lot.”

My follow-up question was obvious. What does the future hold for the Cafe? What’s next?

“Opening up a second location somewhere in NYC. It would be amazing to have another storefront and of course a 2nd check-in area for Sourced Adventures.”

I couldn’t agree more! The Cafe serves a crucial role for Sourced Adventures operations. This winter we had the cafe open for our morning departures, allowing guests to grab some coffee, bagels or pastries before they hopped on the bus. Not a bad way to start your day!

The Cafe is here to stay and Sourced Adventures couldn’t be happier, so come along and check it out! Just like our tours, we deliver service with a smile.