Carbon Offsets

As of January 1st, 2021 we made the decision to offset all of the carbon created by operating our trips by buying back “Carbon Credits” — So, what does this mean? For all of us, almost every single thing we do contributes to some carbon or CO2 being added to the atmosphere. From food consumption to transportation and everything in-between.

Essentially, what we do is run a calculation at the end of each year to estimate the amount of carbon created by our vehicles, our food consumption, electricity costs, even our staff commuting for each trip and literally every aspect of the business. We then “buy back credits” in the form of a donation to trusted non-profit partners who run projects such as reforestation or renewable energy projects. By donating to these causes we help fund the capture of additional CO2 in the atmosphere to offset what we created simply by operating as a business (something we believe all businesses should do).

Okay, that was a bit technical, but in other words — Part of our mission is to protect the very places that we travel to each week. With your help we will help protect the rivers we raft in, the mountains we ski on and everything else we have the privilege of enjoying.

Our goal has always been to help you discover the wonder outside your city, to offer an unbeatable service and to employ sustainable business practices by helping to protect the environment. Ultimately, we feel the only way to do this is to put our money where our mouth is and work to ensure that we have the mountains and rivers to visit for many years to come. It’s simple, for every trip we run we offset the carbon used to operate that trip. There is no perfect solution, but we feel this aligns with our values and makes a tangible and measurable impact with minimal fluff.

We are extremely proud that Sourced Adventures is able to do this and we cannot thank you enough for your support. At the end of the day none of this is possible without you, our customers.