Content Team

Looking for a ???? job as a content creator. Well, you’re in luck because Sourced Adventures is on the hunt for adventure and travel enthusiasts who want to become #SACreators.

What is an SA Creator? Our SA Creators are explorers with an eye for the epic. Someone who knows how to translate a ski trip to someone who has never seen snow. Or a rafting journey to someone who can’t swim. We’re looking for like-minded intrepid souls to help spread our love of the great outdoors and to rep our brand. So…do you have what it takes?

The Perks
• Your job is to do what you love and go on ADVENTURES for FREE (transportation, food, and activities is included)!
• Interact with the crème de la crème of content creators that we recruit.
• The opportunity to create content for our top tier brand and sponsorship affiliates.
• Gas/Public Transportation is reimbursed for assignments.
• Top content creators get paid per trip.
• Exclusive discounts.

1. Must follow @sourcedadventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
2. Include our hashtag #sourcedadventures on all your adventure related posts.
3. Once accepted the applicant must have “Content Creator at @sourcedadventures” in their social media profile bio(s).
4. You must consistently have an active and engaging social presence.